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Game-Changing Aerospace Ideas

How to get your innovative idea funded by the NASA NIAC Program

Demystifying the NIAC Funding Process

This site offers insights into the application process, funding stages, and success stories of NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. Our mission is to demystify the process of obtaining NIAC funding, empowering diverse thinkers from all fields to bring their game-changing aerospace ideas to life.

Innovative Ideas Wanted

We aim to empower

Americans of all backgrounds to submit NIAC proposals, regardless of prior experience or formal education.

Diverse Perspectives

Diverse perspectives fuel groundbreaking ideas. All thinkers, regardless of field or background, are invited to propose transformative aerospace solutions.

Collaborative Fellowship

Principal Investigators for NIAC studies are called "Fellows." This highlights the collaborative and innovative environment which the NIAC program cultivates in order to "change the possible."

Expert Guidance

This site provides you with the advice and resources that you need to help you describe your technology idea to people at NASA.

Unlock the Potential of your Game-Changing Idea

NIAC funds technology concepts which are proposed in a mission context. The fundamental driver of the program is to unlock wholly new types of missions which are 10 - 40 years away from realization.


Technologies which could revolutionize current missions or operations are also encouraged.


In either case, your technology must be explained, proposed, and investigated within a mission context.


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